Meet Danelle

My creative journey began at the keyboard of an old Dell desktop next to the big window in my childhood living room. It was there that I felt endlessly inspired to dream up anecdotes, poems, and even a handful of Microsoft Word novels that usually centered around some empathetic protagonist in the most dramatic of settings that my imagination could conjure. As an introvert-at-heart, these times quickly became my safe harbor as I felt empowered to express myself through fiction. When I wasn’t hunched over a computer keyboard, I was sitting in front of the piano for alongside writing, music was also a medium that allowed me to express stories and emotions where words often fell short.

Throughout university, my love for telling stories through written words + music quickly became interwoven with my love for photojournalistic documentation and the powerful art of observation. I remember holding my mom’s bright red Sony cyber-shot for the first time in our backyard and feeling deeply empowered with the creative freedom I found through the lens.

I truly am in love with storytelling and the preservation of real moments + relationships through visual art. I like to believe that my degree in English Literature, my joy of teaching piano, and my current work as a caregiver continues to inform the way I take photos + tell real-life human stories today. My work is inspired by simplicity, fleeting moments, unfiltered emotion, and the dichotomy of light and darkness.